Doing steering and suspension work is a natural extension of tire work. It makes good mechanical and financial sense to ensure that your vehicle’s ride control system is working properly and that the wheels are aligned according to manufacturers’ specifications.

Saab Tire and Automotive opened a four-bay steering and suspension department in 1981 as the first addition to the tire shop.

Saab offers quality shock and struts by Monroe and Bilstein. We stock and install the highest quality steering and suspension parts from Moog Automotive including tie rod ends, idler arms, pitman arms, coil springs, rack and pinion steering units and rebuilt constant velocity (CV) axles.

The first step in wheel alignment is a thorough parts inspection. We use state of the art alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering in order to perform the most accurate alignment possible. Wheel alignment provides even tire wear and proper tracking in addition to a visually correct steering wheel position.

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Saab Tire and Automotive